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  Panchatantra tales ,Machiavelli and Contemporary Reality
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 27-08-2016, 11:16 AM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

I have always believed in the politics of Machiavelli, one that is guided by a larger purpose unhindered by the dust and residue of past disaffection and personalities. The purpose of course is a larger goal, not personal aggrandizement or raw, brute power play like what we see playing out around us. The wisdom is captured in a Panchatantra story that I am retelling. Unfortunately we spend most of time reading the turgid, nonsensical trash which passes off as wisdom. Neglecting the words found in Brhadkatha, Katha sagara and the like. How many of us have read these stories to our children when they were young. Not many. I'm afraid. Here goes:

In a forest, long long ago a dark evil hunter laid a trap for the King of the Jungle, the Lion. He was a splendid animal with a golden mane, bright eyes. And he was swift on foot and his mind, like that of any Emperor lucid and agile. In spite of his many admirable qualities, Vidhi, Fate or Fortuna had decreed that he should be trapped. And it came to pass that the Hunter's evil paln succeeded and the Great Beast, the King of the Forest was trapped in a net made of strong coir and the more he struggled to get out of the snare the more tight the grip.

All day and all night the animal lay moaning at his misfortune. Even a King can be trapped like a common animal, he realized. As he came to terms with the fate awaiting him the next morning, he heard a faint squeak of a mouse. The Great Lion perked his ears. Yes, it was a small, mouse with a stringy tail standing at a rreverential distance from the Lion.

"Oh Great King" he said.
"Now you have come to mock me" replied the lion, with barely concealed anger.
"No" my Master," said the Mouse. "I have come to offer you my help".

The lion was astonished at this impertinent reply. He thought to himself of what use can a silly Mouse be to me.
Anyway he decided to humour the Mouse. "How can you, a silly, Mouse be of any help to the King of the Forest".

The Mouse answered, "MY Lord. I have skills you do not have".
"Really" replied the Lion with a barely suppressed smirk.

Just as the moon became bright and the Owl began hooting, the Mouse started cutting the rope with its sharp teeth. The Lion realized his mistake and started talking gently to the Mouse who continued his task in a leisurely way. The horizon was getting bright. The Owl flew away. The whose forest was draped in a golden hue. The animals woke to a new day. The lion was getting restless.

"Finish you job fast" he said. "The Hunter may come at any moment"
Sure enough a tall man with a prominent mustache with a sword strapped on his chest was striding toward the snare. He took aim at the lion with his bow and arrow. And at that very moment the last strand was cut and the Lion was free and he bounded into the forest. Free. And Majestic.

That afternnon the Kinf g of the Forest and the Mouse met near the ruins of the Old Fort. The Lion said, "I offer you the bond of eternal friendship".

The Mouse replied, No Your Majesty. It was circumstances that bought us together. Even as I was helping you escape, you were protecting me from the Owl".

This story, indeed a Parable is regnant with wisdom and has bearing on what is happening around us, Of course, I except a certain degree of understanding to capture the nuances.

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  Struggle At the Gates: Chandra Krishnamurthy Dismissed But she has to be procecuted
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 07-07-2016, 03:17 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

The order finally came. A three page note from the Ministry of Human Resource Development stating that Chandra Krishnamurthy has been dismissed. The dismissal came as a huge relief to the University Community and within seconds her profile disappeared from the University website. It will take a few months for the new Vice Chancellor to be appointed. Even as the news trickled in a march was organized on July 4th from the Library building to the Gates of the University which have become symbols of a huge and valiant fight against an oppressive and authoritarian regime steeped in corruption, mismanagement and discrimination.

The Dismissal order clearly spells out the reasons for the removal of Chandra Krishnamurthy and the main reason alluded to, of course, was the fact that she misrepresented her academic credentials, indeed falsifying them.

"The post of the Vice Chancellor is of pivotal importance and the entire discipline and ethos of the University revolves around the conduct of the VC". This statement brings out the importance the Government atatches to the position of the Vice Chancellor and we can definitely hope that the Hon'ble Minister Prakash Javdekar will ensure that not just a good Vice Chancellor but an excellent one is appointed . Chandra Krishnamurhy was found guilty of misusing her power, violating the Acts and Statutes of the University and of conduct unbecoming of a Vice Chancellor. It would have been great if she had been dismissed with retrospective effect from date of joining.

However, the chances of Chandra Krishnamurhy facing the rigours of the Law for her several acts of calculated criminal misconduct are real.

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  Struggle at the Gates XV: Dismissal or Inquiry
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 20-05-2016, 03:21 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

Chandra Krishnamurthy took her chances with the Ministry. When give the option of a quiet and decent exit in August of 2015 when he was requested to step down, she adamantly refused even going to the extent of saying that as a Presidential appointee she is answerable to no one. Such misguided arrogance leads no where. In fact her hamartia led her on a path of ruin which her eyes wide shut. She challenged the Order placing her on compulsory wait both at the High Court and when she lost there she filed an appeal in the Supreme Court. She placed herself in a delicate position as every legal set back made her more vulnerable to the consequences of her misconduct. The Supreme Court order stared clearly that she must answer the Show Cause Notice sent to her. All her heroic efforts to evade answering the Show Cause came a cropper.

With no escape route, Chndra Krishnamurthy finally decided to call it quits. She submitted a resignation directly to Pranab Mukerjee the Hon Ble President of India resigning the VCship of this University citing health grounds. She was healthy enogh to fight all the way to the Supreme Court claiming that the Government that appointed her had no legal right to questioin her or place her on Compulsory Wait. Her ridiculous argument being that there is no provision for such a step in the Acts and Statutes of Pondicherry University. The framers of the Act did not ever imagine that a Vice Chancellor who cheated on her Bio Data and plagiarized even her "doctoral" thesis will ever rise to the post of a Vice Chancellor. But in Kali Yuga even this is possible.

The Government of India is in a quandary: Given the state of unrest fanned by the Congress and its Allies in campuses across the land, we cannot blame the Ministry for mulling over thie delicate decision. There is enough evidence to prosecute Chandra Krishnamurthy for criminal offences. I think evnetually this will happen. Meanwhile our University is getting along fine with the Acting VC showing the will to take tough decisions.

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  Struggle at the Gates XVI: The Supreme Court rejects the Special Leave Petition
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 25-03-2016, 05:09 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

Chandra Krishnamurthy is a woman in a hurry. She has little time for legal or ethical niceties. Even before the ink had dried on the judgments of the Hon'ble High Court of Madras which upheld the legality of the action initiated by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India,the woman flew to New Delhi and sought relief from the Supreme Court of India though a Special Leave Petition. It bespeaks the clout she enjoys that the SPL was admitted and listed and the Bench that heard it consisted of the Chief Justice of India and another Judge, Justice Bhanumathi.

The lengthy affidavit filed by her regurgitated the same story: a woman wronged by Rajeev Yaduvamshi, the former Registrar and an honest and upright man, the machinations of an enfant terrible, a nemesis to all Vice Chancellors, the celebrated Respondent 2 of the Petition,a conspiracy by a handful of PUTA office bearers who were guided allegedly by base considerations because she had instated steps against "corruption" and innocent First year students instigated by this motley crew. She has spun this absurd story so many times that she perhaps has begun to believe in her own lies. From the legal side she protested that as Vice Chancellor she does not come under the authority of the Government of India. I wonder if this lady is even aware that ll the powers of the President are delegated to the Cabinet and the Supreme Court, I believe for the first time has laid down the law that the Vice Chancellors hold Office at the pleasure of the President. This judgement effectively sets aside the special role of the President as Visitor, a role inherited from the colonial days. The Supreme court also stated categorically that she must "clear her name" by going through the due process and not seek legal remedies which essentially serve to skirt the issues of her own gross acts of criminal misconduct. It directed Chandra to answer her show cause notice and the implication being not to waste the time of the judiciary seeking intervention when there is no issue at all.

Then she spoke of procedural violations. The General Clauses Act is an enabling legislation and is invoked only on rare occasions. I think the Act has been invoked for the first time in the history of India against a Vice Chancellor of a Central University only against Chandra Krishnamurthy. In her petition she describes herself as a noted "academician" and a high dignitary and the like. The Suprmen Court upheld the procedures followed by the MHRD and stated clearly that it will not intervene.

The sordid chapter of Chandra Kkishnamurhy has finally ended and the Opera is over.

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  Struggles at the Gates XIII; The Games of Thrones
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 29-02-2016, 01:10 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

When Chandra Krishnamurthy was packed off on compulsory wait by MHRD, the acting VC was chosen on the basis of her seniority in the category of Deans of the University. This provision exists only for establishing criteria on which faculty be nominated to the Authorities of the University like Court, AC and EC. Even in our University, THE acting VC position was filled only by the Senior most Professor. A change in the Statues was brought about by Professor Anil Bhatnagra to keep Professor S V Narayanan out of the race of succession. He acted too fast. Professor Narayanan dies in harness bitter at the way Bhatnagar treated or rahter, mistreated him. The legacy of Anil Bhanagar came back to haunt the University. The removal of Chandra Krishnamurthy created a situation in which a new VC had to be appointed. Initially, Professor Lalithamma was appointed. Then it was determined that Professor Anisa Basheer Khan was senior to her and MHRD reluctantly took the call and sent an order, interpreting the statues in the manner desired by the University. In the haste, the defining feature was taken as seniority in the category of Dean which exists only notionally and that too for filling positions in the University Authorities. Promptly the appointment was challenged by N K Jha on the ground that he is senior, though his term as Dean expired on the 30th of December 2014. His case is coming up for hearing after the matter has become redundant.

A Game of Thrones has begun and anyone can aspire to be the VC. The former VC, Professor A B Khan took charge at a volatile period and with great dexterity she brought about a semblance of normalcy. This itself is no small achievement. She restored confidence in the administration by processing the CAS. She was under considerable pressure to accommodate a variety of claimants each of whom had a different and some even conflicting agenda. She manged all with panache. She was let down badly by certain vested interests and the Game of Thrones has begun. Was there a case for her continuance. In the Government of India seniority in a cadre is taken into consideration only at the point in time when the vacancy arises. Positions are not co teminus with cadre based seniority. By this perverse interpretation of rules, it will be possible for even senior Officers to be jeopardized on the ground that their current posting violates their seniority in the cadre to which they belong. Be that as it may, letters from various quarters were sent to MHRD and everyone started staking a claim.

The letter from the Deputy Secretarty MHRD stated that if Professor A B Khan maintained her seniority she could be extended. Pray, how can anyone m,aintain his or her "seniority" on a rotational round ribbon cadre. That argument itself was absurd. But noone challenged it. Before demitting Office she appointed Professor M Ramachandran, Professor of Economics, SOM as Regitrar i.c in order to make things easy for Professor Raya, the present VC. However it appears that that appointment has been overturned. The Pondicherry Administration was aware of all the moves being made but unfortunately chose to remain silent.

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  The Islamization Controversy: Some hard Facts
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 31-01-2016, 07:12 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

In recent weeks, after the choreographer tragedy in a Central University, there have been a spate of ariciles in the National dailies about the probe conducted in our University allegedly at the behest of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.Indian Express stated in its headlines, "PU Probe Panel Dismisses Islamisation Charges". The Hindu of today published a Press Release from the Student Federation of India with the headline bzlazing, "SFI condemns MHRD Moves". The Hindu quoting unmaed sources said that the Probe Panel found the Charges baseless. Now the first question is: Why the sudden interest in an issue that was dead for several months. After the "suicide" of a student in a Central University, there was an effort to question the role of the Ministry in other Central Universities and our University was the first to be picked up for scrutiny by the National Press. The Probe was leaked to Newslaundry.Org a web Portal run by Ms Madu Threhan whose Reporter contacted me on the phone: I told him categorically that being a Public funded Institution, the ministry was within its right to seek a Report and there was no interference at all in the way in which the Probe?Inquiry was conducted nor was any effort made to politicize the issue. So to drag the University and the Ministry of Human Resource Development into a needless controversy is neither fair nor in conformity with standards of propriety,

A Petition was sent to one MR D C Nath who heads what is styled as a Patriots Front in New Delhi making a series of senseless allegation about the UNiversity and its Administration during the 2006-213 period when Professor J A K Tareen was the Vice Chancellor. Prior to this a web portal IndiaFacts which is edited by Sandeep Balakrishnan had run a story on Tareen when the struggle against Chandra Krishnamurthy was gaining momentum here. So obviously the MHRD had nothing to do with the Petitions and it had been inspired by vested interests here in the University which sought to discredit Prof J A K Tareen and hoped to inveigle itself into favour by raising the issue of religious identity. I wrote a strong rebuttal which I posted on to the discussion page of the News Magazine and I wrote a detailed REply which is hosted on our PUTA.ORG.IN website. So from the chronology of the controversy it is very clear that the Ministry had no role at all in generating any Probe into the University. Unfortunately, journalist are more keen to berate the Government than to check out facts and immediately came to the conclusion that the ministry was taking an interest in the allegations because of presumed identity reasons. I have been a strong opponent of identity politics precisely for this reason: it make people blind to reality.

I have a strong suspicion that an overambitious and politically well connected individual with promiscuous ethics was behind the unsavory episode and this fellow made some noise on the day there was a public reception to welcome the former Vice Chancellor in February 2013. Subsequently a letter was received from a Minister asking the University to reply. The unsigned Petition contained 3 charges and they pertained to the period when Professor J A K Tareen was the Vice Chancellor. It alleged that a large number of people from one Identity Group were appointed during his tenure: In our Reply the uNiversity was able to show that only 9 or so people were appointed. Then it went on to say that a huge number of students from one identity group were given admission. We pointed out that there were no untoward incident has ever been recorded and that the legal punishment given to a citizen did not result in any show of solidarity. And as for the so called religious structure, we enclosed the Master Plan of the UNiversity to show that there was no such building. So the matter ended there. The MInistry did not in any manner interfere nor was the University under any sort of pressure. Some vested interest from our University Faculty was behind the intervention by sending Anonymous petitions and getting a Minister to forward those petitions. And Minsters are bound to forward the Complaints received and it does not mean that the MInistry endorses those complaints.

This controversy erupted only because of the events in another Central University and some sections of the media want to play this as if the Ministry had made it a common practice to intervene. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am bringing the facts out so that our people will know the ground realities and not get carried away by Newspaper Reports. MHRD did not in any way either influence or curtail the autonomy of the university.

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  Struggle at the Gates 11: Appeal against Judgement Dismissed
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 11-01-2016, 02:12 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

This morning at the court room of Hustice Agnihotri and Justice Devadas, Chandra Krishnamurthy lost her appeal against the Judgement of Justice Sundereh. Her repeated attempt at playing the victim, when she knows very well that she has committed a criminal act by usurping the post of Vice Chancellor by concocting a fraudulent bio data and claiming academic achievements when she has none. Her dream run was possible only because in the earlier case S M Krishna, the Governor of Maharashtra favored her and appointed hger VC of SNDT University and he ignored the court case filed against her by an aggrieved Registrar of the University. This woman's treatment of Shri Rajiv Yadu Vamshi IAS was no different from the way in which she treated the Registrar of Bombay University and she is being tried in the High Court for that. Her trial at Madras High Court ended in a spectacular manner. The Hon'ble Judges dismissed her Affidavit at the hearing state itself and directed her to reply to the Show Cause notice issued by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. It has given her 14 days time and it is within the limit given by the earlier Judgement.

In this fresh Affidavit Chandra Krishnamurthy made shocking and potentially explosive claims. First she said that she did not apply for the post of VC of Pondicherry University and that the Director of IIT Kanpur had forwarded her application. She cleverly tried to deflect attention from her fraudulent CV to the Director IIT, Kanpur, who merely recommended and forwarded her application at the behest of Ananthkrishnan. I cannot imagine how a learned person can be taken in by such tactics. This new argument did not impress the Bench as everyone knows that for VC position the Bio Data has to be sent with someone's recommendation.

Then she made unsubstantiated allegations against the Ministry of Human Resource Development accusing the Ministry of malafide intent. The Ministry, has been very patient with her and did not act until the two member team J P Singh and Amit Shulka was sent to conduct an on the spot study of the ground reality existing in the University. She said that the team was sent to gather material behind her back. The same argument she used to discredit the UGC panel which was appointed to look into the allegations of plagiarism and fraud. She was given several opportunities to present her defense. Instead of sending copies of her so called published papers and books she raised questions about the legality of the panel claiming that as VC she is not answerable to the Panel set up by the Ministry. Perhaps this woman is not aware that as per procedure reasonable opportunity was given to her to present her case. The panel in fact asked her to just send the certified copies of her published work. She chose to go on the offensive and raised questions which had no relevance to the issue at hand. Vice Chancellors are public officials and are not above the Law of the Land. If Chandra Krishanmurhy had learnt the rudiments of Law she would have understood this point.

Her repeated refrain in the Affidavit was the claim that the Visitor was not informed about the proceedings. She perhaps is not aware that the General Clauses Act permits the Government of India to act on important matters pertaining to the conduct of public officials. In any event the Affidavit filed by MHRD clearly said that the Compulsory Wait and the Show Cause were initiated only after getting clearance from the Visitor. She raised the point again as she did on the previous occasion that the Pondicherry University Act does not contain provision for the removal of the VC in the manner in which she was removed. The Geeral Clauses Act has enabling provisions for disciplinary action.

Chandra Krishnamurthy is in a defiant mood. She says that evidence against her was obtained "behinbd her back". All criminals who are caught sing the same tune. The Government of India is empowered to conduct investigation in any public institution and more so when criminal misconduct has been suspected as was the case here.

Finally the sordid saga of this wannabe Vice Chancellor is ending.

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  Struggle at the Gates X: The Writ Petitions Dismissed
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 16-12-2015, 07:33 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

Chandra Krishnamurthy, fully aware of the fact that she procured her office as Vice Chancellor through means that are neither legal nor decent, filed two writ petitions before the Hon'ble High Court of Madra challenging both the Show cause Notice Issued to her and the Order placing her on Compulsory Wait. These are the Writ Petitions 29352 and 29351. Filing two separate writs covering the same basic issues was a devious ploy yo secure relief in one and then use it to clamber on to power in the University. However, the University community especially the President of the Non Teaching Staff Welfare Association, Shri Kalaiperumal and PUTA under Dr Pramod Singh and Dr Dastagir Reddy had come up with a legal challenge which was both sustained and determined. PUNTSWA represented by Shri Kalaiperumal filed a petition in the High Court of Madras seeking to implead itself in the two writs filed by Chandra Krishanmurthy. This strategy effectively sealed the fate of the former Vice Chancellor as it would not be possible for her to evade answering inconvenient questions about her "academic qualifications" and the serious charges of plagiarism which follows her around.

In the writ filed before the Hon'ble High Court seeking to implead itself in the writs filed by Chandra Krishnamurthy the President of PUNTSWA stated, "the respondent daringly deceived all involved to occupy the Vice Chancellor Post to enjoy power, position and lucrative salary perks and benefits at public cost". The petition went on the draw attention to all the serious charges contained in the Charge Sheet issued to Chandra Krishnamurthy. Chandra quite cleverly did not include the Report of the UGC on the charges of Plagiarism in the affadavit that she filed. This Report was presented to the Court in the nick of time thanks to the effort of Dr Kumaresan Raja. And the plagiarism report did contribute enormously to the judicial victory because the Hon'ble Judges were convinced that Chandra was not worthy of the position that she held.

Her counsel challenged both the Show Cause Notice and the Order sending her on Compulsory Wait on three grounds. She claimed that she was not given an opportunity of being heard by the UGC. It is of course, a matter of record that Chandra herself decided not to attend the meeting of the UGC Committee which went into the charges of plagiarism. For the meeting of 19th July 2015 Chandra was specifically instructed to attend or send documents such as the books and articles and books she claimed to have published. What answer can she give. Her best defense was to brazen it out and that defense collapsed. Then she claimed through her counsel that there is no provision in the University Act for taking action against the VC. How can anyone ever imagine that a low grade individual with a semi literate character can rise to the position of a Vice  Chancellor of a Central University. The Affidavit of the Addition Solicitor General  of the Government of India who represented MHRD clearly stated that the appointing authority has the right to suspend or dismiss. This contention was accepted by the court.

The Hon'ble High Court dismissed both the writs filed by Chandra Krishnamurhy and has given her 4 weeks time to replky to the show cause notice. I think this opens the door for placing her under suspension, but whether the Government of India will do so or not remains to be seen. All her life the woman has been cheating and doing all manner of illegal activities and finally, thanks to the Students, Staff and Faculty of Pondicherry University she had met her nemesis. Chandra Krishnamurthy stands completely exposed in the eyes of the world and if she has any sense in her she will just walk away from Pondicherry, and spend the rest of her life praying for salvation.

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  Struggle at the Gates 9: The Charge Sheet
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 02-09-2015, 03:56 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

Chandra Krishnamurhi 's sartorial tastes are colour coded. If it is Tuesday it must be coral: if it is Wednesday it must be pearls. Richly decked in Kanchipuram sarees with a sparkling diamond on her nose, she presented a picture of anything but any educator, a leader in the field of education. The men who selected her must have both their integrity and their character inquired into because for all her faults, she did not pretend to be a great intellectual out to improve the benighted world of Indian higher education. She remained until the last day, a semi literate woman occupying a position she neither deserved nor pretended to do justice to. Her time in office was spent shooting breeze with her compatriots who generally came from a much lower cadre. Drivers and other such staff enjoyed untrammeled access to her and influenced almost all her decisions. In fact, one day one of her confidants made a dare in the canteen. He said that I will give a "missed call" to the VC and immediately she will return it. True enough within a short while she returned the call, confirming the truth of what the man had been saying.

Against this background all us congratulate the Ministry of Human Resource Development for having decided to issue a show cause notice demanding explanation for her several acts of misconduct and irregularities committed by her both during her tenure of Office and earlier when she submitted her Bio Data for the position to the Search Committee. Ananthakrishnan, should be held responsible for this major lapse as he announced on the Campus of Pondicherry University that they would provide a Vice Chancellor who would be "even better than J A K Tareen" and what a sad commentary that makes when we ended up with this specimen from Malabar Hills, Mumbai. In have a distinct feeling that Chandra Krishnasmurhi has consorted with the lower classes in the criminal underworld because she even went to the extent of financing goondas to attack the Faculty and Students opposed to her. The Government of India had no choice but to charge sheet her and it did on 21st August 2015 even as Chandra Krishnamurhi and her Gang of Four were plotting the return on August 24th 2015.

The Charge sheet was issued after getting the approval of the Visitor who happens to be the President of India. A special messenger was sent with the file in order to get the signature of the Visitor expeditiously so that the Compulsory Wait order could be issued. The lay could have obviated all this if she had resigned when she learnt that MHRD was unwilling to entertain her requests. Six charges have been outlined in the Charge sheet and all of them backed by relevant Inquiry Reports.

The major charges relate to her misrepresentation of facts in the CV presented to the Ministry at the time when she applied for the position. She was then the Vice Chancellor of National Law University, Orissa and she hid that fact from the Government. The Government sought as explanation for the 98 % plagiarism which she committed in her book Legal Education in India. She had claimed authorship of 2 more books which were never published. Given the clout she enjoyed with Congressmen, I wonder why she even bothered to present a fake bio data.

The Government in its charge sheet drew attention to the fact that she claimed to have published 25 articles when in fact she had authored only one paper and that too was substantially plagiarized. The number of PHD guided by her remain rather enigmatic. She claimed 9 while the real figure is only 2.

These irregularities and others pointed out in the Charge Sheet will ensure her dismilssal. We were hoping that the woman would be made an accessory to the brutal assault on a student of the Tamil Department. Further her role in financing and outsourcing the Vandalism that the Campus witnessed on August 18th 2015 need to be investigated by the cBI.

All in all the Government of India deserves our gartitute for having rid the University of this pest.

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  Struggle at the Gates 8: The Aftermath
Posted by: Professor Venkata Raghotham - 01-09-2015, 03:48 PM - Forum: Inter-Personal Issues - No Replies

Chandra Krishnamurhi did not leave the University gracefully. The Ministry had ordered her to proceed on "long Leave" but she chose to hand in her letter for just a week and announced that she had every intention of returning on the 24 th of August. There was need to make some arrangement for the hoisting of the National Flag and the students of the University had already taken the decision that they would not allow Chandra to hoist the Flag. Alternative arrangements had to be made and here absolute chaos was created by the Registrar i/c who chose to interpret the rules in a manner that did little credit to his administrative skills, and worse made it appear that he was complicit in plotting the return of Chandra Krishnamurhi, Independence Day went off peacefully with Lalithamma, the Dean of the School of Education hoisting the Flag. Finally the picture emerged clearly and the statutes were read in the light of amendments made during the time of Professor Anil Bhatnagar. Succession passed from VC to the senioir most Director and in the absence of a Director the senior most Dean, To complicate matters, N K Jha who is sitting as Dean, School of Social Sciences and who got his extension "until further orders" on the basis of the bogus award he presented to the VC, the Ambassador of Peace started whining that he is the senior most dean. Nobody took the man seriously as he is addicted to power and will behave in the most servile manner to retain power.

Finally the Ministry of Human Resource Development stepped in and recognized Professor Anissa Khan, the senior most Dean as the Vice Chancellor. Meanwhile Chandra Krishnamurhi and her supporters were not quiet.

On 18th August at around 12 in the afternoon hordes of vandals started attacking offices and buildings associated with those perceived to be associated with the anti Chandra Krishnamurhi movement. Even the Vice Chancellor's Chamber was not spared and one prominent memebr of the Gang of Four was seen in the viceo footage attacking the VC's office. The Chemistry Department, particularly the Office of thr Secretary of PUTA was vandalized and the entire room destroyed along with the laptop. It has been estimated that over Rs 200,000 loss was incurred. The vandals went to the Department of Physics, Bio Bioinformatics and then Pollution Control and some lady faculty members were molested verbally and cell phones snatched. The Police took more than 3 hours to arrive reinforcing the long held view that the police always give a window of 3 to 4 hours. When the Congress Party organized the mayhem in Delhi when one of their leaders was killed in 1984, the police allowed 3 full days before they intervened to restore order.

The vandalism that Pondicherry University Campus witnessed was unprecedented and worse many senior Faculty members who were die hard supporters of the Chandra were seen as part of the marauding mob. Question began to be asked about the goondas who accompanied the mobs. The generally accepted view is that a local politician close to Chandra Krishnamurhi was approached and she out sourced the riots to him. The University buses picked by the criminal elements and ferried them to the Campus on that fateful day. The loss in the Li bray, Science Building and the destruction in the Chemistry Department would cost around 75 lakhs to restore and repair the damage. The video footage is availbale and it can be used to identify the ones responsible for the violence and destruction.

On 19th, the following day, the Senior Superintendent of Police Dr Chandran came to the university and addressed the Staff Students and Faculty. He stressed the importance of maintaining peace and tranquility and spoke eloquently about how he did not expect such deplorable behavior in a University. Even as he spoke a group came in and started raising slogans. Since the morning of Monday, the 18th instant the Campus was tense because the local media aided and abetted by a senior administrative officer started projecting the Movement against Chandra Krishnamurhi as a Tamil vs others. Press meets were held addressed by Shri Kalaiyaperumal, the redoubtable President of the non Teaching Staff, our own leaders and others who participated in the movement.

The attck on the Campus was part of the larger game plan to intimidate the University and facilitate the return of Chandra Krishnamurhi after the expiry of the week long leave. Panic set in. Can the woman return. Her supporters started claiming that the Visitor was keen to have her back. It was time to seek the intervention of MHRD. A detailed Report was sent to the Minstry as well as the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Government of Pondicherry. Finally the Ministry send an order clearly stating that Chandra Krishnamurhi has been put on "Compulsory Wait".

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