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Where is the need for a new faculty Forum?
Dear Colleagues,

It is painful to see some of our colleagues resorted to form a new association to serve the faculty without strengthening the existing one. I am writing this email just bring some facts to open. Please think, analyse and act.

I have never seen any PUTA member disagreeing in the EC meeting, recording their dissent on the collective decisions, protesting democratically on whatever being agreed upon. What motivated sudden spate of resignation and change of mind?

I have not seen any general member calling for discussion, giving written representation to the PUTA asking them to address their grievances. All hearsay only that PUTA is not addressing the issues of the faculty.

What will the new dispensation of association members shall do if one fine day they disagree with their new mentors of their association? Will they break away and form another one? Definitely this is not a lasting solution and good for the future of PU.

If one believe in democratic principles, should come closer to PUTA and democratically strengthen its functioning. Instead of this floating new entities with time is counter productive to the larger interest of PU and set a bad precedence.

Please remember that it is we who have democratically elected office bearers of PUTA. We should feel proud of electing the balanced team in PUTA and all our EC representatives are volunteers by their choice, having diverse view points, but keeping in them a strong sense of selfless long-term good of our Institution. Here, no one is forced to take up anything and no one is thrust upon us as well.

Please think twice if you have trust in democracy or not when you go for another entity.

Warm regards,


Dr.B.M.Jaffar Ali
Associate Professor
Centre for Green Energy Technology
Associate Professor

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